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Accuracy Grip for 1911 Style .45 Caliber Pistols and
Ruger MKII & MKIII Pistols Available 2005

Milford, N.H. – 17 November 2004 - A new patented and innovative feature never seen before in the firearms industry. G&G Firearms Experts celebrates the introduction of its Accuracy Grip on October 14, 2004!
A revolutionary development in pistol handgrip design. The Accuracy Grip offers five interchangeable trigger finger supports designed to consistently place the distal portion (tip) of the users trigger finger exactly where he/she wants it on the trigger! The Accuracy grip design directs the tip of the shooters trigger finger allowing the shooter to squeeze the trigger strait to the rear. This motion minimizes the torquing of the trigger and front sight thereby significantly increasing accuracy.

• Requires no Gunsmithing.
• Positions the trigger finger consistently every time!
• Offers shot placement repeatability.
• Allows concealed carry without a holster.
• Attractive as well as functional.
• Available with competition thumb rest panel
• Enhances safety by initially directing trigger finger away from trigger.
• Low cost alternative for achieving accuracy.
• Also available in a two or three-piece grip.
• Offers a custom fit for both small and large hands.

The Suggested retail price for the (9) piece Modular Accuracy Grip is $ 69.95
The Suggested retail price for the (3) piece Accuracy Grip is $ 49.95
The Suggested retail price for the traditional (2) piece Accuracy Grip is $39.95

Established in 1984, G&G Firearms Experts have been serving the firearms industry in firearms technology, design and use. Offering expert witness testimony in federal and state courts, and providing firearms training to law enforcement and the general public, G&G Firearms Experts has gained national recognition for its services.

G&G Firearms Experts, 164 Andover St. Lowell, Ma. 01852

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