Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Accuracy grip do for the shooter?
Answer: The Accuracy Grip offers the shooter proper trigger finger placement to his/her liking allowing the proper feel and "trigger pull" . This placement will allow the shooter to minimize the "jerking" motion on the trigger resulting ultimately in maintaining proper sight alignment .

2. What are the model pistols available for the Accuracy grip as of 2005?
Answer: The AG Grip is available for the 1911 style Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Sig (GSR) , Les bear, Wilson Combat etc. model 1911 style pistols and Ruger Mk II and Ruger Mk III semi- auto .22 cal pistols . The model 1911 .45 Colt strait line/ single stack magazine model pistol frames (those magazines that hold ammo stacked one round directly over the other) will accommodate the Accuracy Grip.

3. How easy is the AG Grip to install?
Answer: No Gunsmithing required. Following the directions on the AG Grip Package will show and explain the traditional method of replacing a factory grip with a replacement grip.

4. How do I know the correct size grip to select for my hand if I were interested in purchasing the two piece AG Grip for my Colt Officers model .45 pistol?
Answer: First, the user would have to fit his/her hand size to the hand size chard on the back of the AG Grip Package. After determining the proper hand size, ( small, medium, large, xxl, or xxxl) select the proper size identified on the front of the AG Grip Package. Ask your dealer to assist you in determining the proper size AG Grip if you are not sure of your trigger finger placement.

5. Does the AG Grip allow for holstering?
Answer: Yes, The AG Grip allows holstering in most kydex (plastic injection molded) holsters, such as the Uncle Mikes and Fobus holsters. Holsters that offer open top design will also accommodate the AG Grip. Users may also decide to utilize the AG Grip without a holster attaching the grip onto the belt. ( Proper installation of the modular trigger finger support must be completed before attempting to attach to the belt...see illustrations.)

6. Is the AG Grip warranted against breakage?
Answer: Yes, If your AG Grip Breaks send it to us and it will be replaced at no charge.

7. Why would I select the Modular Nine Piece 1911 AG Grip over the traditional Two Piece 1911 AG Grip?
Answer: The nine (9) piece modular AG Grip allows the shooter the opportunity to select one of the five modular trigger finger supports Use of the modular trigger finger supports is dependant on the shooters "feel" of the trigger and whether the firearm will be fired in slow fire ( utilizing the finger tip ), or rapid fire ( utilizing the smaller trigger finger support ), whereas the shooter would usually prefer to use the first joint of the trigger finger in order to maintain control of the trigger, ultimately preventing trigger bounce.

8. Why is the Accuracy Grip different that other grips?
Answer: The AG Grip is the only pistol grip that automatically indexes your trigger finger to the same position on the trigger each and every time.

9. Why would I be a better shooter with the Accuracy Grip?
Answer: The Accuracy grip isolates the distal portion ( tip ) of the shooters trigger finger allowing the shooter to squeeze the trigger strait to the rear. This directed motion minimizes the jerking of the trigger therefore minimizing the movement of the front sight, thereby increasing accuracy.

10. Why does the Accuracy grip offer an additional safety measure to my firearm?
Answer: When properly installed on the firearm, the AG Grip initially pushes the users trigger finger away from the trigger, therefore offering a safety measure which did not previously exist.

11. Why will my scores increase using the AG Grip?
Answer: The Accuracy Grip offers consistent trigger placement from the first to the last shot!

12. Will the AG Grip fit most small and large hand sizes?
Answer: The AG Grip's interchangeable trigger finger supports make the AG Grip perfect for both small and large hands.

13. Will the AG Grip be manufactured for other model firearms?
Answer: Yes, The AG Grip will be manufacturing grips for the Smith & Wesson model 41, S & W J Frame revolvers, Colt AR-15's and many others.

14. Why is the AG Grip a good value?
Answer: The AG Grip is a low cost alternative for achieving accuracy!

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